Sexual harassment is very much in the news because of the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and James Franco and Kevin Spacey. While these men were a part of the Hollywood power elite and allegedly used their positions of power to prey on women, h… Read More
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Opioid Crisis Reaches New Highs (and Lows)

The tentacles of the opioid crisis are far-reaching and utterly destructive. This weekend, we learned that beloved rocker Tom Petty died as a result of an overdose of opioids prescribed initially to ease the pain of a fractured hip. His heartbroken f… Read More
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If Cockfights are Inhuman…

If Cockfights are Inhumane, Why Do We Leave Children in Jail to Fight?

Last Monday, Alan Fuchsberg argued an appeal before the Appellate Division court of New York, Second Department, located in Brooklyn. Alan argued for the right to sue in tort on behalf of our client, Jonathan, who at the age of 16 had his jaw broken… Read More
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Foster Case Abuse Settled

Foster Case Abuse Settled

Our lawyers, Alan Fuchsberg and Angelina Adam, just settled successfully a foster care abuse case in the middle of trial, after cross examination of Graham-Windham Foster Agency’s home-finder. The facts in this case are extremely compelling.  At s… Read More
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Whistleblower Cases

Joe Lanni, a partner of The Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm, is currently working on two “qui tam actions” or what is known as “Whistleblower” cases. These Whistleblower actions are brought by private individuals under, for example, the U.S. False C… Read More
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Lincoln Hospital Patient Paralyzed after ER Blunder Leaves Him Waiting Two Hours for Treatment

The New York Daily News just published an article on Lincoln Hospital’s Emergency Room, spotlighting the Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm‘s client who became paralyzed from the waist down. Medlin’s attorney, Alan Fuchsberg, has obtained medical rec… Read More
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My colleague Angelina Ada…

My colleague Angelina Adam and I were busy today

In the morning we were in a mediation in federal court with our client, defense counsel and a defendant corporation representative to try and negotiate a creative solution to a complex dispute. Our client was denied a promotion due to discrimination… Read More
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Fighting for the Victims…

Fighting for the Victims of the Opioid Epidemic

Brad, Eli and myself are returning from a 24 hour trip to Chicago to attend a full day conference. The conference was about the role of pharmaceutical companies, distributors and sales representatives in more than doubling in recent times the amount… Read More
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Mentoring The Next Generation of Successful Attorneys and Promoting Equal Opportunity

Pre-eminent jurist Federal Judge Weinstein of New York recently stated that “judges have an obligation to help train the next generation of lawyers and enhance the profession and really the best training ground is experience…Where junior lawyers… Read More
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Informed Consent? Don’t Bet On It

Doctors must fully inform their patients about the risks involved in any proposed medical procedure or treatment. In both medical and legal terminology, this is called ‘informed consent.’ According to a recent article in the New York Time… Read More
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Success Stories

A wife and mother of three was traveling with her family in a rental car driven by her husband. When the rental car collided with a guardrail, it roll… Read More
We obtained a settlement for a woman injured in an auto accident caused by a vehicle who crossed over double yellow lines. Our client was driving her… Read More

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