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Individual Attention Makes All the Difference
At the Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law firm, our team has the knowledge and expertise to give your case the level of individual attention it deserves.
Are you curious if your case is a matter that we can help you with? Did you or a loved one suffer a serious injury or a violation of your rights, causing you a serious disability or impairing your ability to work ?

If so, was this injury caused by any of the following:
  • The negligence of a medical care provider, physician, hospital or nursing home.
  • Unsafe working or labor and construction conditions
  • A motor vehicle accident
  • Police misconduct resulting in serious injury
  • Injury to a person in prison in violation of their constitutional rights through deliberate indifference, for example
  • Employment discrimination
If the answer to any of these questions is yes, please contact our office. You can reach us by either calling 212-869-3500 or by submitting the details of your case through the Live Chat feature on our website.

Once you do, someone from our office will promptly get back to you to introduce ourselves, get more details about your matter, and ask you to send over any records you may have.

If it sounds like a case to us, we will set up a time for you to meet with our team of experienced attorneys.
Still not sure if your matter is a case?
Here are some more detailed examples of what types of matters can turn into a lawsuit:
You are diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, but you later find out that this diagnosis could have been easily treated if your doctor properly identified the cancer when it was Stage 1 before it progressed.

You have been complaining to your doctor for over a year of abnormal medical symptoms that your doctor ignored.

Your doctor waited until the last minute to conduct a cancer screening when it was already too late.
You are diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, but you later find out that this diagnosis could have been easily treated if your doctor properly identified the cancer when it was Stage 1 before it progressed.

You have been complaining to your doctor for over a year of abnormal medical symptoms that your doctor ignored.

Your doctor waited until the last minute to conduct a cancer screening when it was already too late.
Your family member goes to the emergency room complaining of chest pain, flu like symptoms, and dizziness. After being examined by the emergency room doctors, despite their many complaints, the doctors discharge your family member and claim that nothing is medically wrong with them. A few months later, they visit another doctor for a second opinion and are told that they have a fatal illness that the emergency room doctors failed to diagnose.
A woman giving labor in the hospital is not being properly monitored by her doctors and nurses. The mother feels that her complaints are not being listened to that she is not being properly watched.

After the birth of her baby, she learns that her baby suffers from a permanent brain injury know as hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy.

When she inquires how this happened, she learns that this was due to fetal distress going unnoticed by her doctors. More specifically, delivery was not performed quickly enough, and as a result of the prolonged lack of fetal cord oxygen circulation, her baby will have to live with a brain injury for the rest of its life.
A young woman is incarcerated. While in prison, she is sexually assaulted by a correctional officer. For months, this correctional officer made inappropriate and sexual comments to her that made her feel uncomfortable and unsafe. During this period, she submitted countless grievance and complaint forms to the prison facility asking her contact with him to be limited, all of which were ignored. After the assault, this correctional officer is criminally charged, but this woman wants to purse a civil claim against both this man and the facility she is located at for ignoring her multiple pleas for help.
A woman driving her child to school is struck by a speeding police car. The police officer in the report claims that the mother is responsible for the accident because she failed to use her turn signal, but she thinks that the police officer is also at fault. As a result of the accident, her child is severely injured and suffers brain trauma as a result of the crash. The mother believes that the accident was not really her fault, and instead, the police officer was abusing his power to cover up the fact that he caused her child’s injury.

In this scenario, there is a serious injury present. Our firm would then thoroughly investigate the case and determine what caused the accident.
A construction worker is working on a very dangerous jobsite that his company has assigned him to. He notices there are many openings on the building he assigned to work on that someone could easily fall through.

Despite his remark to his boss that he thinks the site is not safe, he is instructed to continue working. Unfortunately, one of his co-workers does end up falling through an unprotected opening on the building worksite and is badly injured. He later finds out he is permanently disabled from his fall and will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.
A black woman who is highly credentialed and experienced transfers departments at her company and is suddenly subject to a hostile work environment of unequal treatment, unjustified criticism and loss of position or promotional opportunity.
The Investigation
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What does this step look like?
Prior to coming to our firm, we understand that many of our clients want to know exactly what the investigation process looks like. To understand how we determine whether or not your matter will become a lawsuit, please read below.
The Lawsuit
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What does this process consist of?
Here at the Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Firm, we understand that what happens during a lawsuit can be confusing to our clients.

We are here to make sure our clients are informed of the state of their lawsuit during each step of the process.

We are always here to answer all of your questions and will always be a phone call or an email away.
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A quick summary of the lawsuit process
To commence the lawsuit, we file a complaint on behalf of our clients.
  • In cases where the main Plaintiff in the case has unfortunately passed away, we bring a lawsuit on behalf of that individual’s family.
  • In cases where a new Administrator of a deceased person’s Estate needs to be appointed, our firm also works hard to take care of this.
Once we file the complaint, we receive what is called an “Answer” from the Defendants (the party or parties we are suing on your behalf).

As soon as we hear from the Defendant through their Answer, one of our staff members reaches out to the Court to get a court conference date scheduled to keep your case moving as fast as possible. At this conference, we set deadlines for the exchange of evidence, when depositions must be scheduled by, and when expected witnesses and experts must be identified by.

Once all of this is complete, a pre-trial conference will be held. At this stage, we will discuss the possibility of settlement with the defense counsel (in this case, your matter will be resolved without going to trial).

If we cannot agree on settlement with the Defendant’s attorneys, we alternatively set a trial date and proceed with taking your matter to trial.

At this stage and every stage of the lawsuit, we will make sure to give your matter a high level of individual attention from our experienced team of attorneys.
The Results
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While we cannot guarantee success in every case, we can guarantee that we will do everything in our power to secure a successful outcome for our clients. 
Here at the Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Firm, we want our clients to be treated like family – we know that our clients only reach out to us when they are experiencing an immense tragedy that they cannot endure on their own.
Alan Fuchsberg

"At our firm, we are here to provide you and your family the support you deserve, and we promise we will put up a valiant fight for your rights."

Alan Fuchsberg, Managing Partner

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