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NY Heart Attack Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Early detection of a heart attack or heart disease may save a patient’s life. Medical malpractice is negligence by a professional, meaning a doctor. When there is a negligent delay in diagnosis or treatment. Often, there is a failure to thoroughly investigate the areas and degree of physical pain the patient is having. If a doctor fails to properly diagnose a heart attack, the consequences can be tragic. Also, sometimes the surgery is not performed well.

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Some risk factors for a heart attack include diabetes, high cholesterol, increasing age, race, being overweight or obese, smoking, and family history. Symptoms include chest tightness, nausea, shortness of breath, headaches, fatigue, blurred vision, and irregular heartbeat.

Within the standard of care, there are many tests or studies that a doctor may need to order or perform to allow for the early diagnosis of a patient’s heart attack, such as: obtaining proper medical history, appropriate diagnostic tests, performing an electrocardiogram of the heart, blood tests, cardiac catheterization, echocardiogram (ultrasound) of the heart, CT scan, and stress tests. If a diagnosis of heart attack is made, certain drugs may need to be given and procedures started without delay to minimize heart damage.

The Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm has successfully represented clients who have had medical malpractice claims pertaining to a failure to timely or properly treat a heart condition.

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In a medical malpractice case based on diagnostic error, the patient must prove that a doctor of similar specialty, under similar circumstances, would most likely have timely diagnosed the patient’s condition. In other words:

(1) the doctor did not include this clear concern on her differential diagnosis list while a reasonably skillful and competent doctor under similar circumstances would have; and/or

(2) the doctor failed to perform appropriate tests or seek opinions from specialists in order to investigate the particular diagnosis.

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For three generations The Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm has been successfully representing victims of medical malpractice. We have accepted and resolved many cases, of all types including misdiagnosis as well as surgery. We succeed in obtaining full and just compensation even in the toughest cases. Our wonderful team of fine lawyers analyze, assess, and litigate all kinds of medical malpractice cases. This includes the most obvious to the most complex case. We work closely with the finest physicians to strongly present your case.