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Medical Malpractice

Mount Sinai Emergency Room Crisis: We Can Help Injured Patients

December 10, 2019

At the Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm, we represent individuals who have been injured or made ill due to an act of negligence during emergency room visits.

When a medical emergency occurs, patients depend on the knowledge and skills of emergency room doctors and nurses to provide immediate life-saving care. Many emergency rooms across the country are overcrowded and understaffed.

For instance, a recent article detailed major staffing issues in the emergency room at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. The article discussed a report which cited staffing ratios, infection control, safety, patient boarding, and conditions as “unacceptable in a first-class medical center.” The author implored Mount Sinai to rebuild the department.

Of particular concern was the fact that nurses can be assigned as many as 18 patients during a shift when the recommended number is typically five or six.

Emergency rooms in New York City can be chaotic places and medical personnel typically are under pressure to make quick decisions. They may be fatigued and stressed. Unfortunately, ER mistakes happen. Attorney Neal Bhushan recently defended the deposition of one of his clients who went to an emergency room complaining of symptoms consistent with a stroke, such as numbness on one side of the body, confusion, difficulty speaking, sudden trouble walking, and dizziness, but the client was improperly discharged.

As a result, the next day, the client had a catastrophic stroke resulting in paralysis on one side of the body and permanent disability. This particular case is ongoing and the emergency room staff’s depositions will be taken shortly.

If you or your family are dealing with the consequences of an emergency room error, please contact us immediately 212-869-3500