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New York City Auto Accident Lawyers

If you are suffering physically, emotionally, and financially after a car accident caused by another person’s negligence, you may be considering hiring a New York auto accident lawyer to help you file a personal injury lawsuit. Choosing who to hire can cause additional stress when you are already experiencing a difficult situation.

When you interview a New York City car accident attorney, pay close attention to his or her level of interest in you and your situation. Do you feel like you receive personal attention? You will as a client of Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm.

As respected New York car accident attorneys, we are a third-generation law firm with several decades of combined experience between us. We are highly committed to seeking justice on your behalf and have compassion for the vulnerable position you are in due to the negligent actions of others.

You will never pay a legal fee to our firm or your New York car accident attorney unless and until we win your case. We offer free legal consultations as well, which means there is no financial risk to you for seeking assistance in holding the responsible party accountable for your injuries. No money ever comes out of your own pocket since you only pay a percentage of your winning settlement in legal fees.

Types Of Serious Auto Accidents In New York City

A serious auto accident can happen in numerous ways. However, it has been our experience that the following types of motor vehicle accidents are the most common in New York City.

Head-on collisions: A head-on collision occurs when the front end of one car smashes at a forceful impact on the front end of another car. The impact is often significant since both drivers crash, especially when driving at speeds common for highway travel. The force of the impact from the crash can immediate and serious injuries such as fractures, head trauma, internal injuries, neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, and torn ligaments occurring in the body’s lower extremities.

Rollover accidents: This type of accident can happen when one vehicle strikes another and the force from the impact causes the car to roll. It is common for the roof of the vehicle struck to collapse or for the impact to crush it entirely. This puts the driver and passengers at serious risk of traumatic brain injury and other head trauma. Spine damage is common as well, which can cause permanent paralysis in the form of quadriplegia or paraplegia. If the seatbelt does not restrain the driver and passengers as it should, the crash will throw them around inside of the vehicle and likely cause whiplash due to the severe shaking and jolting they experience.

Sideswipe collisions: Also known as a T-bone collision, this type of accident occurs when one vehicle crashes into the driver or passenger side door of another vehicle. Of all accident types, drivers and passengers are typically in closest proximity to the actual crash during a sideswipe incident. This can cause severe injuries such as hip fractures, internal organ damage, permanent spinal cord damage, and shoulder injuries.

Obtaining medical help for all injured persons should always be the priority after a car accident. Once you are in a position to consider hiring a car accident attorney in New York City, remember that New York law imposes a strict three years statute of limitations to file a personal injury lawsuit. A car accident lawyer from our firm can meet wherever it is convenient for you, including your hospital room.

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Common Types Of Car Accident Injuries

Although a car accident victim can potentially suffer dozens of different types of injuries, each one falls into the category of impact or penetration injury. You have an impact injury when part of your body strikes the headrest, steering wheel, dashboard, windshield, or another part of the inside of your car.

The most common injuries from an impact accident include brain damage, concussion, damage to the spinal cord, and whiplash. Unfortunately, seatbelts and airbags are less effective in preventing injury in this type of accident than they are for rear-end and head-on collisions.

If you have a penetration injury, it means that you have received a laceration, cut, puncture, or a similar type of injury due to a car accident. The most common causes of penetration injuries include contact with glass or metal in the car as well as objects that fly around in the car after the force of impact. Common examples include a soda can, pair of shoes, a cell phone, coffee mug, or even something as seemingly harmless as a pen. You can protect yourself from serious penetration injuries by keeping your car free of clutter or storing items in the trunk rather than the body of the vehicle.

Guiding You Through The Post Auto Accident Process

There can be many different causes for an accident, including driver negligence, defective vehicles or components, faulty repairs, or even badly maintained streets or roads. It is often hard to know exactly what caused an accident right after it occurred. Sometimes, an extensive investigation is necessary.

You should avoid speculating about the cause of your accident immediately after it occurs. Anything you say to another person or to the police about whom or what is to blame could affect your ability to recover compensation later. Of course, you should cooperate fully with the police during their investigation.

You must always seek immediate medical attention for any injuries sustained in a car accident, even if they don’t seem serious. If you fail to do so and hire a New York auto accident lawyer later, the other party’s defense team will question the legitimacy of your injuries. You could also make your injuries much worse when you don’t seek prompt treatment for them.

After receiving the proper medical care you must file a claim with your insurance company to request benefits. You will do this regardless of who caused the accident since New York is a no-fault state.

Even when your insurance company pays on your claim, you will likely find that it isn’t enough to meet your medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and other financial losses associated with the accident. That is why you must determine who was at fault and then file a personal injury lawsuit against that person if you suffered serious injuries beyond what your insurance company will cover.

Understanding New York’s Car Insurance & Auto Accident Laws

New York has no-fault insurance laws, which means that your own insurance generally covers injuries up to certain amounts. When your injuries are serious, you do have the right to sue for damages over the no-fault limits. New York is also a comparative negligence state, which means that if you sue, the court will decide each person’s percentage of fault in the accident. That percent applies to damages that are awarded.

There are time limits in New York for filing actions for damages that result from an auto accident. Those time limits are called “statutes of limitation.” After those time limits expire, you lose your right to sue the person or company responsible for your injuries. On account of the time limits, it is important to take the actions necessary to protect your rights as soon as possible following an accident.

There are other requirements that must be met if you are in an accident. In New York, accidents need to be reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within 10 days, or you may risk having your driver’s license suspended. You must also file a report with your insurance company within 30 days to comply with New York’s no-fault insurance law requirements.

New Jersey and Connecticut have their own state laws governing motor vehicle accidents and auto insurance. We will help you understand your rights and obligations regardless of where you live and where the accident occurred. For more information about the insurance and accident laws that may affect your claim, it's important to speak with an automobile accident law firm as soon as possible.

Our New York Auto Accident Lawyers Can Help When The Unimaginable Happens

When you or a loved one have been involved in an auto accident that has lead to serious injury, or even death, it is critical to understand your legal options and rights. Before you agree to a settlement with your insurance company or with another insurance company, it is in your best interest to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney, especially if your injuries are severe and you have substantial medical expenses.

At the Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm, our experienced New York City auto accident lawyers have helped hundreds of car accident victims throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, including those involving:

  • Privately-owned cars
  • Commercially-owned cars, such as rental cars, taxis, and cars used by driving services
  • Commercial vehicles, including trucks, buses, and vans
  • Motorcycles

The attorneys at the Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Firm do not ever charge for initial consultations. If we accept your case, our fees will be contingent on recovering compensation for you. If we do not recover damages on your behalf, you owe us nothing.

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