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Former Client Shares Experience of Inmate Sexual Abuse at Panel hosted by FAMM Foundation

April 17, 2023

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On Thursday, April 20 at 12 P.M. ET, Carolyn Richardson who was represented by Attorney Jaehyun Oh in a historic inmate sexual assault case last year, will be speaking at a panel hosted by FAMM (Families Against Mandatory Minimums) Foundation regarding inmate sexual abuse. FAMM is a nonprofit organization that advocates for criminal justice reform in the United States.

Sexual Abuse in Federal Prison: How the Justice Department is Failing Survivors
Time/Date: Thursday, April 20 at 12 P.M. ET
Livestream Link:
Host: FAMM Foundation

Based in Washington D.C., FAMM aims to raise awareness about the harmful effects of mandatory minimum sentences on individuals, families, and communities. The panel will present an insider’s perspective on sexual abuse in federal prison to provide insight on reforms that are taking place and ways to support incarcerated victims of abuse.

Our client, Carolyn Richardson will be speaking at the panel regarding her sexual assault while incarcerated at the now-closed Manhattan Correctional Center (MCC). Ms. Richardson was represented by Attorney Jaehyun Oh in a historic case against MCC and the United States Federal Government for failing to take action while she was sexually assaulted by a correctional officer.

Ms. Richardson is the only ex-inmate speaking on the panel, and her participation will provide a valuable perspective regarding inmate sexual assault as well as the BOP’s failure to protect incarcerated women from abuse. Earlier this year, Ms. Richardson testified at a Congressional Hearing regarding inmate sexual abuse in prison, and two days after Carolyn and two other inmates delivered their testimonies Congress passed the Prison Camera Reform Act to improve security measures for federal inmates.

The panel will be hosted by Kevin Ring, FAMM President. President Ring has been a prominent advocate for sentencing and prison reform and has appeared as a justice reform expert on numerous media outlets.

There will be two other members on the panel:

  • Panelist Dr. Katherine Portfield, Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture- Dr. Portfield has worked at the Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture since 1999, and her work helps provides individual and family therapy to children, adolescent, and adult survivors of torture.
  • Panelist Shanna Rifkin, FAMM Deputy General Counsel- Ms. Rifkin advises FAMM on their sentencing and prison reform efforts on behalf of families who have been negatively impacted by excessive punishment.
  • Learn more about the panel on FAMM’s Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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