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Former FCI Dublin Correctional Officer Darrell Smith Arrested for Sexually Abusive Contact

May 13, 2023
Charges of sexually abuse

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On April 13, 2023, former correctional officer of Federal Correctional Institute, Dublin (FCI Dublin), Darrell W. Smith aka “Dirty Dick Smith” wason charges of sexually abusive contact against female inmates. On May 11, 2023, Smith was arrested.

In what is now known as a pattern of behavior at FCI Dublin, Smith is one of six FCI Dublin personnel who has been charged with sexually abusing inmates. This follows the highly publicized trial and conviction of the former Warden of FCI Dublin, Ray J. Garcia. However, out of all the charged officers, Smith has the highest number of charges against him.

As a correctional officer in a low-security all-women’s prison, Smith had an obligation to follow all Bureau of Prisons (“BOP”) standards, including the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). Instead, over several years, he participated in the toxic culture of abuse permeating FCI Dublin by taking advantage of the women incarcerated there. A culture, that has existed, since at least the 1990s when three women sued the prison for similar claims. Out of that case, the BOP made a “good faith” promise that they would enact policies to reduce the risk of sexual assault for female prisoners. Sadly, 30 years later, FCI Dublin is once again investigated for the same type of shocking sexual misconduct that is placing so many vulnerable inmates at risk, earning the prison the nickname the “Rape Club”.

The very nature of prison creates a hierarchy between guards and inmates where correctional officers have complete and total control over the day-to-day lives of the inmates under their care. This power imbalance makes it impossible for inmates to meaningfully consent to any type of contact with a correctional officer as they have no autonomy in prison. That is why BOP’s rules and regulations strictly forbid any sort of sexual contact between prison guards and inmates. However, in FCI Dublin, those rules were openly and widely disregarded because even the Warden and Chaplain participated in sexually abusing the inmates. Prison guards who attempted to report the abuse, specifically Smith’s own supervisor, found themselves forced out with reassignments across the country.

Smith was given the nickname, “Dirty Dick Smith”, in reference to his predatory sexual advances towards inmates. This nickname was used by inmates and other FCI Dublin personnel. Smith would terrorize inmates by locking them into their cells and refusing to let them leave until they exposed themselves to him. He would also threaten them with disciplinary retaliation if they did not comply, presuming that no one would listen to or believe a victim that was also incarcerated for a crime. 

Sexual Abuse

As of 2022, Smith was one of at least two dozen officers who were placed on administrative leave while law enforcement investigated claims of sexual abuse, falsifying records, withholding necessary medication, and drug use at FCI Dublin. Smith’s victims, including some of our clients, suffer from permanent psychological injuries due to the traumatizing experience.

The indictment of Smith is a positive step forward to rectify the wrongs done to the prisoners at FCI Dublin, but the sheer number of perpetrators and victims have shown that there is a desperate need for systematic change. However, individuals who were harmed and will suffer lifelong injuries due to the actions of FCI Dublin personnel, cannot afford to wait for these changes. They need assistance now to ensure they are not victimized again, that they will not be retaliated against, and so that they can receive adequate mental health support and care both while incarcerated and when they return home. 

"His karma finally caught up to him," said one of his alleged victims. "He was the worst out of all the officers, a pervert in its worst form."

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