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Transvaginal Mesh Implants May Yield Dangerous Consequences

April 29, 2020
Transvaginal Mesh Lawyers

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Thousands of women have received transvaginal mesh implants to treat conditions like pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. Unfortunately, a significant number of these women have developed serious injuries related to the implanted mesh. These injuries include pain during intercourse and/or bleeding, mesh infections, organ perforations, and vaginal scarring. The injuries are caused by, among other things, the mesh implant eroding into the vaginal wall or adjacent organs. Some severe cases also involve nerve injuries, including nerve scarring and nerve pain, difficulties urinating due to the mesh obstructing the urinary bladder, mesh failure resulting in recurrent organ prolapse, bowel and/or bladder and/or blood vessel perforation, and bowel and/or bladder incontinence.

These injuries have led to numerous lawsuits alleging, among other things, that the mesh manufacturers failed to design, produce, and market mesh implants that were reasonably safe for their intended use. Many of these lawsuits have resulted in substantial verdicts or settlements for injured patients.

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