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Bradley Zimmerman Highlights Racial Disparities in Maternal Health Care in CLE Lecture

February 2, 2024
Bradley Zimmerman

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Managing Partner Bradley Zimmerman recently delivered a CLE lecture on birth trauma and maternal mortality litigation, sponsored by the New York State Trial Lawyers Association. Mr. Zimmerman provided an overview of the initial evaluation, litigation, as well as racial disparities in patient care to over 100 attendees!

Bradley Zimmerman Highlights Racial Disparities in Maternal Health Care and Maternal Morbidity

Out of the 1,018 pregnancy related deaths between 2017 and 2019, the CDC determined that 839 (84%) deaths were determined to be preventable. This study also identified mental health, hemorrhage, and embolism of the leading causes of pregnancy related deaths.

However, these statistics become more alarming when race is also considered as a factor. Mr. Zimmerman’s lecture highlighted the fact that Black, non-Hispanic women are five times more likely to die of pregnancy related causes than White, non-Hispanic women are. Furthermore, in 46% of pregnancy related deaths, discrimination was identified as a probable or definite circumstance surrounding the death—a stronger identifier than class.

“There must be an awareness and acknowledgement of this reality, and it must be addressed to ensure that our healthcare system moves towards transformational change.”
Bradley Zimmerman, Managing Partner

As an experienced birth injury lawyer, Mr. Zimmerman provided insight on the best strategies that a plaintiff’s attorney can use while litigating maternal death and maternal morbidity cases, including performing an in-depth analysis of three confidential case studies. Mr. Zimmerman also examined the familial and economic impact that a maternal death can have on a family.

Attendee Leaves Bradley Zimmerman Glowing Review for Lecture

One attendee left a glowing review of the lecture, thanking Bradley Zimmerman for highlighting the existing health inequalities contributing to maternal death rates:

"Bradley Zimmerman, Great work facilitating such an informative webinar, on such an important day: Women's Health Awareness Day (January 23)! I appreciated hearing the perspectives from both plaintiff, and defense counsel specific to birth injury trials. Thank you for highlighting the existing health inequities that are contributing to the rise in maternal death rates. It was wonderful to learn of the improved maternal mortality rate in NYS since implementing the maternal patient safety bundles that Dr. D'Alton was involved in developing. Great panel of speakers, insightful, and relevant content. Thank you again!"

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