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Eye Surgery Mistakes May Entitle You to Compensation

June 17, 2016

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When you have eye surgery, you trust your doctor and the whole surgical team to perform the surgery correctly.  But sometimes eye surgery mistakes are made.A wrong-lens implant accounts for about 63 percent of eye surgery errors.  The implanted lens may have the wrong correction, which can occur if the patient didn't take out contacts before a test.  A mistake can also be made if the surgeon uses the wrong lenses or an order is filled incorrectly before the surgery.

Avoiding Eye Surgery Mistakes

Cataract surgeries and other surgeries that replace lenses can quickly go wrong if the patient receives the wrong lens. An operation that should have fixed the patient's eyesight actually may cause more damage, and another surgery may be required.How eye surgery errors be avoided? One expert states that one way to make sure the patient gets the right lens is to put the implant into a box that is also wrapped in the patient's lens calculations. Having the surgeon and surgical nurse check that sheet against the patient's original lens paperwork before surgery begins will help avoid mistakes.Another doctor claims that having the patient identify the correct eye is helpful. The surgeon writes his or her initials next to that eye to make sure the surgery is performed correctly.Read more information about what you can do if you get an improper implant.

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