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Attorney Ilana Wolk Attends Exactech Science Day

May 15, 2023
Exactech Science Day

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On May 10, 2023, JDF partner, ILANA WOLK, attended the Exactech “Science Day” hearing in the Exactech defective hip and knee device litigation at the Alachua Courthouse in Gainesville, Florida. Ilana is part of the Exactech Leadership, serving as a member of the Science Sub-Committee.

The federal multi-district litigation was initiated after Exactech issued a recall on February 7, 2022 due to its polyethylene liners being packaged in defective wrapping. It is alleged that due to a multitude of failures by the company, the polyethylene components of their implants were prone to oxidation and accelerated wear, leading to catastrophic failures of the devices, substantial inflammation and bone loss, and the need for painful revisions and replacements in Patients.

The conference was held before Judge Garaufis and Magistrate Judge Henry, who are presiding over the federal multi-district litigation, as well as Florida state Judge Donna Keim, who is overseeing the litigation against Exactech in Florida where the company is headquartered.

The goal of “Science Day” was to educate the court about how the devices at issue work and the scientific and medical theories underlying the proceedings. During the all-day hearing, attorneys and experts from both sides were given several hours to present their views of the science and safety of the Exactech polyethylene hip and knee devices.  The topics addressed included how the devices work, how they were manufactured, the design and packaging of the devices, and the injuries that claimants are alleging in the action.  

Plaintiffs made a strong showing as to the basis for our belief that we could successfully prove the dangers of these devices and that they have caused injury to the many claimants in this action.