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FCI Dublin Raided by FBI Agents

March 11, 2024
Prison bars

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This morning, FCI Dublin was raided by federal agents. Computers and documents were seen being removed from the prison. The prison’s warden, associate warden, and a captain were also reportedly removed from their posts.  

This occurred amidst FCI Dublin’s increasing notoriety since eight of its officers, including a former warden and a chaplain, were criminally charged with sexually abusing women in their custody. The latest raid shows that criminal prosecution did not fix all the problem—that there are ongoing issues in the way that FCI Dublin, also dubbed as “the rape club,” is being run.

Jaehyun Oh from the Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm is leading the charge in representing dozens of women who were sexually abused at FCI Dublin, to pursue civil remedies on their behalf. Jae is committed to seeking justice for the victims of FCI Dublin, so that their voices can be heard and reforms made.