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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: If You are a Victim, Take These Steps

February 2, 2018

Sexual harassment is very much in the news because of the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and James Franco and Kevin Spacey. While these men were a part of the Hollywood power elite and allegedly used their positions of power to prey on women, harassment exists unfortunately in many other workplaces and environments.We have tackled much difficult employment discrimination and hostile work environment cases, either gender or race-related. Victims are often ashamed and intimidated to come forward. Based on our experience in working on these cases, if you have been the victim of a hostile working environment either due to discrimination or sexual harassment, we suggest that you consider taking the following measures:

  1. Report the abuse: This may be very hard to do, but it is important to create a record in your workplace. Talk to your supervisor or HR department and let them know that a discriminatory or sexual harassment incident has occurred. Depending on the nature of the harassment, you may want to file a police report as well.
  2. Keep a diary: Write down exactly what happened and when. It may be painful to think about, but you will need to have full recall of places, times, names, and events.
  3. Save potential evidence: If you have been raped, go immediately to a hospital or emergency center for a rape kit. This is direct evidence that there has been a sexual attack. Do not delay.
  4. Ask for a transfer to a different department or area: You need to get to a safer work environment. Talk to your supervisor or other company head immediately.
  5. Seek out counseling. If you have been harassed, please seek guidance from a counselor, therapist, religious figure, etc. Support is critical to grappling with these very difficult issues.

These are just some of the initial steps to take. If you have been the victim of discriminatory or hostile workplace conduct, The Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm will consult with you at no cost while you determine your next steps. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today 212-869-3500. No one should be a victim of harassment or abuse at any time.