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Judge Orders Appointment of Special Master to Oversee FCI Dublin

March 19, 2024
FCI Dublin Special Master

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Last Friday, District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers issued an Order to appoint a special master to oversee FCI Dublin to ensure that the facility is compliant with court orders and federal policies. This is the first time that a Bureau of Prisons (BOP) facility will be subject to such oversight.

The Order was issued in response to reports of retaliation against women who have reported sexual misconduct and in response to the growing number of sexual assault lawsuits against correctional officers at the facility.

Attorney Jaehyun Oh is currently representing dozens of victims who were sexually abused at FCI Dublin and is leading the charge to pursue civil remedies on their behalf.

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Culture of Abuse at FCI Dublin

Over the last two years, FCI Dublin has been the subject of an ongoing federal investigation for widespread allegations of correctional officer sexual assault. Currently, eight former correctional officers have been charged with sexual abuse of a ward, including the former warden who is the highest-ranking federal official to be convicted of sexual assault since 1925.

According to Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, an internal report published in March of 2022 demonstrated the “extent and duration of BOP’s own knowledge of those conditions.” The Order directly addressed the tactics correctional officers used to coerce women into sexually abusive relationships, insufficient sexual assault training among prison staff, and the prison’s failure to timely investigate current allegations of sexual assault.

The lack of proper oversight and training created a culture of abuse at the prison, and as a result, hundreds of women were put at risk of sexual assault.

According to Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, “FCI Dublin is a dysfunctional mess. The situation can no longer be tolerated. The facility is in need of dire change.”

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers explained that the historic Order was necessary because of the facility’s inability to promptly investigate new allegations of assault, and because of the ongoing retaliation against women who have reported assault. She concluded by stating,

“The BOP has lost the ability to manage with integrity and trust.”

The special master will be responsible for ensuring that the facility is compliant with anticipated Orders to oversee a comprehensive audit of the prison, address retaliation, implement recommendations, and protect the constitutional rights of those who are imprisoned at FCI Dublin.

Days before the order was issued, FCI Dublin was also raided by FBI agents. During the raid, the prison’s warden, associate warden, and a captain were reportedly removed from their posts.

Currently, there are over 60 civil lawsuits filed against various FCI Dublin officers for sexual abuse; however, additional lawsuits are expected to be filed. Civil Rights Attorney Jaehyun Oh is currently representing dozens of victims of sexual assault at FCI Dublin—as well as prisons across the nation. Jae is well known for having obtained the largest settlement award against the BOP in a prison sexual assault case arising out of MCC New York.

FCI Dublin Sexual Assault Lawyer

Sexual abuse committed by prison staff against prisoners creates a violent and dangerous environment, and institutional failures often prevent the perpetrators of abuse from being held accountable.

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Our experienced team of prison sexual assault attorneys can help survivors process their trauma and seek justice, in a way that feels validating for an individual survivor.

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