Success Stories

$7.5 Million Recovered for Defective Design of Car

$2.15 Million Settlement In Auto Accident Involving Head-On Collision

$1.5 Million Recovered for "Hit and Run" Auto Accident

$1.45 Million for 21-Year-Old Laborer Injured from Falling Steel Rods

$19 Million in Heart Bypass Surgery Case

$7.5 Million Settlement for Teenager Paralyzed by Spinal Tumor

$7.5 Million Settlement for Failure to Timely Perform C-Section

$7.14 Million for Failure to Timely Perform C-Section

$5 Million Settlement in Wrongful Death of Pregnant Woman

$4.96 Million for Failure to Timely Perform C-Section

$3.5 Million for Failure to Timely Perform C-Section

$3.25 Million Settlement in Misdiagnosed Case of Back Pain

$3 Million for Failure to Diagnose Infection

$2.3 Million In Wrongful Death of 38-Year-Old Father

$2.5 Million Settlement in Case for Failure to Perform a Timely C-Section

$2 Million for Failure to Timely Diagnose Gynecologic Cancer

$1.5 Million Settlement in Case of Unnecessary Surgery

$1.25 Million Settlement for Matter Involving Inadequate Care of Patient's Hypertension

$1.25 Million Settlement for Matter Involving Failure to Timely Diagnose Prostate Cancer

$1 Million Settlement for Botched Cholecystectomy

$1 Million Settlement In Case Where Doctor Failed to Diagnose Prostate Cancer

$925,000 Settlement Where Emergency Room Failed to Properly Assess and Treat Stroke

$925,000 Settlement Where Doctor Failed to Timely Diagnose Herpes

$900,000 Settlement for Improper Gallbladder Procedure

$875,000 Settlement Where Cancer Patient Received Improper Colon Hydrotherapy

$800,000 Settlement for Improper Delivery of Baby

$750,000 Settlement for Negligence in Skin Cancer Exam by Dermatologist

$1.5 Million For Family of Neglected Nursing Home Patient

Successful Settlement In Employee Wage Theft Case

Recovery of $1 Million for Boy Who Lost Vision in One Eye

$750,000 Settlement In Drug Compounding Error

Recovery of $500,000 for Slip and Fall on Staircase

$750,000 Verdict for Legal Malpractice by Medical Malpractice Lawyer

$2.49 Million for Family of Father Who Suffered from Leukemia After Exposure to 9/11 Site

$2 Million for Elevator Repairman Injured on 9/11

$1.2 Million for NYPD Detective Who Volunteered for WTC Bucket Brigade

$700,000 for Medical Malpractice Involving Doctor's Failures in Treating Young Child

$1.2 Million for Man Who Suffered from Undiagnosed Prostate Cancer

Success Stories

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