Birth Injury

Firm recovers $1.165 for child who suffered Erb’s Palsy due to injury during delivery

$1.165 Million
Bradley Zimmerman
Christopher Nyberg

Attorneys Brad Zimmerman and Chris Nyberg  settled a case on behalf of an infant for $1,165,678.57, who suffered an Erb’s Palsy and nerve root avulsion injury during her birth and delivery at a New York City Hospital.

 We alleged that the defendants applied excessive force and traction to the Infant’s shoulder during the delivery, which resulted in a nerve root avulsion injury at C7-T1 (or a tearing of the nerve root). As a result, the infant has required surgery on the shoulder, repeated botox treatment, and regular physical and occupational therapy. 

As part of this settlement, the infant was also enrolled in the New York State Medical Indemnity Fund, which will help pay for her medical expenses for the rest of her life.