Medical Malpractice

$1.25 Million Settlement Failure To Timely Diagnose Prostate Cancer

$1.25 Million
Bradley Zimmerman

Managing Partner Bradley Zimmerman and Aaron Halpern settled a matter involving a failure to timely diagnose prostate cancer over a period of 5 years, resulting in the wrongful death of a 59-year-old married man with one adult child. At the time of diagnosis, the patient had stage 4 prostate cancer which had metastasized to the bone, causing significant pain and loss of enjoyment of life. This case settled for $1,250,000 during a contentious mediation.

The defense to this case always maintained that the aggressive nature of the pathology, specifically a Gleason 8, would not have changed the likelihood of survival, morbidity or mortality. We are pleased to report that the family will now be financially independent and secure.