Medical Malpractice

Settlement - Gastric Bypass Patient Negligently Treated by Emergency Room

Walter Osuna
Bradley Zimmerman

Attorneys Walter Osuna, Edward Hynes, and partner Bradley Zimmerman recently negotiated a settlement on behalf of a woman who had undergone gastric bypass surgery.

She had gone to the emergency room with severe abdominal pain and was sent home instead of treated. The hospital performed a sub-optimal CT scan, which prevented her from being promptly diagnosed with a small bowel obstruction. The patient’s symptoms did not improve, and she returned to the emergency room and was finally properly diagnosed. However, due to the delay in diagnosis and treatment, her bowel became ischemic, and she required emergency surgery, removal of a significant portion of her bowel, various additional surgeries, and had a very difficult recovery.

To this day, this client has significant scarring, abdominal discomfort, and limitations in her activities. This settlement will help her in covering her medical costs and will ease some of the burdens suffered by her family.