Birth Injury

Firm recovers $6.395M on behalf of child who suffered brain damage during delivery

$6.395 Million
Bradley Zimmerman
Christopher Nyberg

Attorneys Brad Zimmerman and Chris Nyberg settled a case on behalf of a 6 year old child for approximately $6.395 million in Upstate New York. 

We alleged that the Defendants improperly removed the mother from continuous monitoring despite the high risk pregnancy and the plan to deliver the child only a few days later and alleged that they delayed too long in performing in an emergency c-section. We alleged that these failures prevented the Defendants from timely and properly realizing and responding to the emergency situation of a placental abruption and uterine rupture, which would have been timely detected if she had been on continuous monitoring, and which failures resulted in the child sustaining a hypoxic ischemic brain damage at birth due to the deprivation of oxygen. 

As part of this settlement, the infant was also enrolled in the New York State Medical Indemnity Fund, which will help pay for her medical expenses for the rest of her life.