Civil Rights

Settlement recovered on behalf of 29-year-old who was attacked by inmates who poured boiling water on him while he was sleeping

Jaehyun Oh

Jaehyun Oh settled a case on behalf of a 29-year-old incarcerated man who was attacked by a group of inmates who poured a trash can full of boiling water over him while he was sleeping in his cell while incarcerated at Metropolitan Correctional Center New York (MCC).

Jaehyun Oh successfully showed that in order for his attackers to bring a full trash can of boiling water from the kitchen to our client’s cell, they would have had to walk past an officer’s station where an officer should have been seated and would have caught them carrying a large object. After he was attacked, our client was left alone in his cell for over three hours despite the fact that officers are required to routinely patrol the area and check on inmates.

Due to the prison’s failure to adequately monitor the area according to their own protocol, our client experienced severe second- and third-degree burns on over 30% of his body, and he remained in the Burn ICU for over a year followed by an additional year of rehabilitation at a nursing home.