Medical Malpractice

$700,000 For Medical Malpractice Involving Doctor's Failures In Treating Young Child

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This medical malpractice case involved the failure to diagnose and appropriately treat a congenital abdominal lymphangioma, a benign mass, in a young child. Over the course of nearly four years, this young child presented with worsening abdominal pain, weight loss, and digestive-related complaints of causes unknown to treating physicians at the time.

It wasn’t until she went to a different medical facility that the underlying cause for her medical complaints and pain was diagnosed and attributed to a lymphangioma that went untreated and grew substantially in size in her abdominal cavity and caused it to adhere to a number of vital organs and vessels.

The delayed diagnosis and resulting growth of the mass eliminated the possibility of a complete recovery in that it was only amenable to partial resection and required a far more complicated and risky surgical resection procedure.