Civil Rights

Fuchsberg Law Firm Defends Prisoner Who Was Paralyzed Due to Delayed Spinal Cord Treatment

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The Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm successfully settled a civil rights case for a 40-year-old prisoner who was paralyzed as a result of failing to receive treatment for a spinal cord infection.

Our client initially showed symptoms indicative of a spinal cord infection while he was incarcerated at Fulton County Correctional Facility. His symptoms were examined by doctors at St. Mary’s who noted abnormalities, but still chose to discharge him without performing further evaluation.

Shortly after, he was transferred to Downstate Correctional Facility. Upon his arrival, health care professionals examined our client and also noted abnormalities that required immediate evaluation, testing, and treatment. However, our client was denied treatment and suffered worsening pain, which he complained of for 8 days straight.

His back pain was not properly evaluated until two weeks later when he was finally seen by a healthcare provider. Due to the significant delay, our client was paralyzed by the time he reached the hospital and was suffering from a life-threatening spinal infection, which required extensive surgery. Unfortunately, he still experiences pain and suffers from permanent injuries to this day.

Bradley Zimmerman of the Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm held Downstate Correctional Facility and participating parties accountable for withholding proper medical diagnosis and treatment.