Personal Injury

Successful Settlement - Case Involving Injuries Sustained on Escalator

Keith Gross

Our clients were seriously injured on an escalator at a movie theater. They did not see that a metal piece of the escalator’s side wall was protruding into the passenger space. The metal piece cut our client’s thigh and caused her to fall and fracture her right ankle. Her husband unsuccessfully attempted to catch her and, in the process, fell and badly hurt his knee.

"The defendant's escalator repair company and movie theater asked the court to dismiss the case claiming they had no knowledge of the dangerous conditions which caused the accident. They said the damage was caused by children playing on the escalator shortly before the accident." Keith Gross - Personal Injury Lawyer, Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm

Keith opposed this motion and explained that the escalator had structural defects that both defendants should have known about, and the escalator should have been repaired prior to the accident. Rather than have the motions decided, the defendants’ attorneys entered into settlement talks on the recommendation of the Judge, who mediated the negotiations. Keith obtained a just and appropriate settlement from both of the defendants on behalf of our clients.