Medical Malpractice

Fuchsberg Law Firm Holds Prison Accountable for Delayed Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis

Jaehyun Oh

Partner Jaehyun Oh obtained a $950K settlement on behalf of a young incarcerated man who received a delayed cancer diagnosis. For nearly five months, our client presented to the prison infirmary on numerous occasions, with complaints a cough and worsening respiratory conditions. However, he never received a formal physical exam by a physician to investigate his symptoms. 

After five months, our client’s symptoms significantly worsened, eventually causing him to collapse in a hallway. He was taken to a hospital, and after physicians performed a thorough examination, our client was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. 

As a result of the delay, our client has suffered from a significant loss of quality of life. Attorney Jaehyun Oh successfully argued that our client’s symptoms should have been properly investigated much sooner and a proper investigation would have led to the correct diagnosis and proper care.