Medical Malpractice

Successful Settlement - Hospital’s Negligence Led to Leg Amputation

Alan Fuchsberg
Neal Bhushan

Attorneys Alan Fuchsberg and Neal Bushan recently settled a case where a 38-year-old man went to the emergency room suffering from complications from diabetes. The hospital failed to properly diagnose and treat our client’s condition, and they sent him home.

"When our client returned to the emergency room three days later, a large blood clot had developed in his left leg, which impaired blood flow. This time, the hospital delayed performing necessary vascular procedures. These departures from accepted medical practices caused our client’s lower leg to become ischemic (tissue death due to lack of blood supply and oxygen), resulting in an amputation."Alan Fuchsberg - Medical Malpractice Attorney, Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm

The Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm was able to secure an appropriate settlement for our client, whose life has been forever changed by the hospital's negligence and malpractice.