Employment Law

Successful Settlement In Employee Wage Theft Case

Joseph Lanni

Joe Lanni, a senior trial lawyer, and partner with the firm, successfully resolved a "wage theft" case against a New York-based financial data services company. Joe filed suit on behalf of employees and ex-employees in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois who were not paid their full wages by this employer for more than 10 months.

Joe brought suit on behalf of these workers against their employer and the corporate officers, directors, and major shareholders charging them with violations of "anti-wage theft" statutes and fraud for a scheme that involved diversions of payroll funds for the purpose of falsely inflating company value and funding corporate expansion plans. Joe aggressively pressured the defendants including getting a TRO against the company to prevent the payment of funds to shareholders.

Within six months of filing suit, Joe was able to recover all of the substantial wages owed to these workers plus significant interest payments, attorneys' fees, and costs. The clients, now all working elsewhere for responsible employers, were thrilled with the results of this employment law case.