Civil Rights

Prisoner wrongfully developed cancer due to facility's failure to attend to medical needs

$1.25 Million
Jaehyun Oh

Attorney Jaehyun Oh represented a prisoner who developed prostate cancer due to his correctional facility’s failure to attend to his medical needs. 

Prior to receiving a diagnosis, our client sought medical treatment at the prison infirmary on numerous occasions and complained of worsening urinary symptoms and pain. Additionally, health care professionals knew that our client was at high risk for prostate cancer based on his demographics and based on his abnormal Prostate-Specific Antigen score, which he received while incarcerated. Despite numerous indicators that he had a high risk of developing prostate cancer, our client wasn’t referred for urology consult for years. 

Due to the delayed diagnosis, our client developed a terminal end-stage prostate cancer. Attorney Jaehyun Oh successfully argued that the correctional facility acted with negligence, depriving our client of needed medical care. The case was settled for $1.25MM, which is one of the highest known settlement awards for New York State prisoners suffering medical neglect.