Birth Injury

Multi-Million Dollar Settlement for Premature Infant with Disabilities

$2.595 Million
Bradley Zimmerman
Christopher Nyberg

Baby Y was born extremely premature at 25.0 weeks, and as a result of being born so early she suffered from numerous breathing, neurological, speech, and other issues.

This could all have been prevented if  the doctors and other medical providers caring for Baby Y’s mother had properly and timely sent the mother for a Maternal Fetal Medicine consult for the performance of a cervical cerclage, and had they properly monitored her cervical length.

As a result of these failures and the medical malpractice lawsuit brought by the Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Firm on behalf of Baby Y, Bradley Zimmerman and Christopher Nyberg successfully reached a settlement of $2.595 million with a hospital and medical providers in New York City.

The recovery also includes enrollment of the infant into New York State’s Medical Indemnity Fund which will provide lifetime medical coverage for the infant.

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