Medical Malpractice

$2.3 Million In Wrongful Death Of 38-Year-Old Father

$2.3 Million
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We settled the wrongful death case of a married father of three, who died when his hospital did not follow its own rules for responding to his elevated heart rate following abdominal surgery. The patient had a tumor successfully removed at a prestigious hospital; yet two days later, he died of a heart attack.

The hospital responded improperly when he became unstable, developing an elevated heart rate and respiratory distress. His condition was not assessed in time, and he was improperly monitored. The doctors and staff failed to alert a cardiologist or to detect that he was likely suffering from pre-existing coronary artery disease. Because of the hospital's mistake, the patient died approximately six hours following the onset of his acute distress.

We obtained a $2.3 million settlement prior to trial on behalf of the patient's family.