Birth Injury

Failure to measure amniotic fluid and fetal growth tragically causes stillbirth at 34 weeks

Christopher Nyberg
Bradley Zimmerman

Christopher Nyberg and Bradley Zimmerman recently obtained a settlement in Orange County for a 28-year-old mother who unfortunately experienced a stillborn birth of her first child due to the failure of the Defendants to diagnose placental insufficiency and to deliver her baby early before he passed away.
While our client was 31 weeks pregnant, she became concerned because her belly was not growing as large as it should have been as the weeks progressed. However, her midwife never properly measured her uterus size which would have indicated that there were irregularities in her growth. Our client was forced to take care into her own hands and pressed her midwife to order an ultrasound to assess her growth.
Nearly two weeks later, our client received an ultrasound which indicated that she was experiencing extremely irregular amniotic fluid levels and significant decreases in the baby’s growth. However, her providers negligently failed to order additional testing to properly assess the baby’s fetal tone, breathing, and movement as well as nutrient supply to the baby. As a result, our client suddenly lost her baby at 34 weeks.
Christopher Nyberg and Bradley Zimmerman successfully proved that the defendants negligently conducted and read her ultrasound, and that had the Defendants acted appropriately, they could have urgently delivered her baby and prevented this tragedy.