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NY Jury Awards High Verdict in Sexual Harassment Case

May 12, 2018

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The New York Law Journal reported this week that a landmark verdict for a single plaintiff in a sexual harassment case was just awarded. The plaintiff, who worked in a storeroom at the Domino Sugar Factory in Yonkers, received an award of $13.4 million, due to her manager’s consistent harassment.As alleged in this case, the plaintiff’s manager made inappropriate, lewd comments and touched her without her consent. These kinds of actions went on for years, and the plaintiff's request to change jobs within the company was denied by the accused manager. The plaintiff’s request that the parent company intervene also went unheeded.In awarding this large verdict, the NY federal court is sending a clear signal — in the #metoo era, harassment complaints will be taken seriously, and women will get meaningful verdicts for these kinds of claims.But what we really hope is that this signals a new era where harassment ends. No woman should ever be afraid or sexually threatened in her workplace. We stand with the victims of harassment and pledge to support them and see to it that this kind of abusive, discriminatory behavior ends in all workplaces and in all places.If you have been the victim of harassment or assault at your workplace and would like a free consultation about your rights and potential claims, please contact us at 212-869-3500.Read the full New York Law Journal article here.