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Our construction accident lawyers have been representing injured workers in Queens for over 40 years. We understand the unique challenges you face, from dealing with excessive medical bills to contending with insurance companies to moving through the complex legal system. Our commitment is to provide aggressive representation and unwavering support to help you recover financially and get the justice you deserve.

The Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Firm team
The Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Firm team
The Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Firm team

Our Proven Track Record

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$6.5 Million

High speed head-on-collision in causes catastrophic injury

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Serious injury in auto accident caused by a vehicle who crossed over double lines

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21-year-old construction worker seriously injured while unloading steel rods from a truck

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Table of Contents

Understanding Queens Construction Safety

Construction projects in Queens take place in diverse settings, from the borough’s bustling commercial centers to quiet residential neighborhoods. These projects can involve a wide array of hazards:

  • Heightened Risk of Falls: Many construction sites in Queens involve working at heights, whether on scaffolds, roofs, or elevated platforms.
  • Dangerous Machinery: Heavy equipment, cranes, and specialized machinery are often used in construction projects, creating a risk of accidents due to malfunctions, operator error, or improper maintenance.
  • Excavation and Trenching: Queens construction projects frequently involve excavation and trenching, which pose significant risks of cave-ins, especially if proper safety measures are not in place.
  • Hazardous Materials: Construction workers may be exposed to materials such as asbestos, lead paint, and toxic chemicals, leading to long-term health problems.
  • Traffic Congestion: Construction sites in Queens are often situated in busy areas, increasing the risk of accidents involving other vehicles or pedestrians.

It's crucial for construction workers in Queens to understand the specific safety hazards they face and to take steps to protect themselves and those around them.

Queens Construction Accidents: A Persistent Problem

Despite strict safety regulations, construction accidents in Queens remain a persistent problem. The NYC Department of Buildings reported 79 construction-related injuries and two deaths in Queens in 2022. This statistic shows how important it is to take safety seriously on construction sites — and how catastrophic the consequences can be when safety rules are neglected.

We Are Your Queens Construction Injury Advocates

Your Trusted Law Attorneys in NYC

Our team at the Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Firm is committed to providing the highest level of legal representation to construction workers injured in Queens. We offer:

  • Decades of Experience: We have over 40 years of experience fighting for the rights of injured workers in New York.
  • Proven Track Record: We have a strong track record of securing significant settlements and verdicts for our clients.
  • Compassionate Guidance: We understand the emotional and physical toll of a construction accident and provide compassionate support throughout the legal process.
  • Aggressive Representation: We are relentless in fighting for your rights and maximizing your compensation.
  • No Fee Unless We Win: We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay nothing unless we recover compensation for you.

Our Queens Construction Accident Acumen

Throughout decades of experience, we have gained a keen understanding of construction laws, safety regulations, and the specific challenges faced by injured workers. Our Queens construction accident lawyers are equipped to handle a wide range of construction accident cases.

Scaffolding Accidents

Nowhere is scaffolding a more constant presence than in New York City. Although it’s meant to keep workers and pedestrians safe, scaffolding can cause serious injuries or deaths when it fails. We have extensive experience representing workers who have been injured due to faulty scaffolding, improper maintenance, or inadequate fall protection.

Crane Accidents

Few sights on Queens construction sites are more impressive than massive cranes, and few accidents are more destructive than a crane collapse or rollover. We fight to hold negligent parties accountable for crane malfunctions, operator errors, or improper load handling.

Falls from Heights

More construction workers are injured by falls on the job site than by any other cause. We know how to investigate falls from heights and build strong cases to hold responsible parties accountable for inadequate safety measures.

Trench Collapses

Construction companies must comply with federal safety standards for trenching and excavation work. When these companies are negligent, the consequences can be dire. We're experienced in representing workers injured in trench collapses due to improper shoring, inadequate inspections, or unsafe excavation practices.

We are ready to handle any construction accident case involving negligence or wrongdoing, so reach out to us to discuss your specific situation.

Queens Construction Accident Legal Help: We're Here to Guide You

Construction Accident Legal Help

Construction accidents in Queens can have devastating consequences, leaving you with life-altering injuries, insurmountable medical bills, and uncertainty about your future. We are here to be your advocate, fighting tirelessly for the compensation and justice you deserve.

Here's how our Queens construction accident lawyers can help:

Free and Confidential Consultation

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your case and answer your questions. We'll listen attentively to your story, learn the details of your accident, and guide you through your legal options.

Thorough Investigation and Evidence Gathering

We believe in leaving no stone unturned. We'll conduct a comprehensive investigation of your accident, gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and consulting with experts to build a strong case for compensation.

Identifying All Responsible Parties

Many construction accidents involve multiple parties who could be held liable for injuries. We'll identify all potentially responsible parties, such as contractors, subcontractors, property owners, equipment manufacturers, or other entities whose negligence may have contributed to your accident.

Calculating the Full Value of Your Losses

We understand that your injuries can have a profound impact on your life, affecting not just your physical well-being but also your financial security and future. We'll carefully assess the full extent of your losses, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and expected future care costs.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

We'll handle communication and negotiations with insurance companies on your behalf. We know that insurance companies often try to minimize payouts, and we will stand firm to protect your rights as we advocate for a fair settlement.

Fighting for You in Court

Our team has extensive experience in construction accident litigation and is committed to achieving justice for our clients, whether inside or outside the courtroom. If we can’t reach a fair settlement through negotiations, we are fully prepared to present your case before a judge and jury.

Facing Construction Accident Costs? We Don't Get Paid Unless You Do

We know that dealing with a construction accident in Queens is distressing, and the last thing you need is added financial stress. You may be wondering how you'll afford legal representation while dealing with medical bills and lost wages.

We believe that everyone deserves access to skilled legal help, regardless of their financial situation. That's why we work on a contingency fee basis for all construction injury cases. This means:

  • You Pay Nothing up Front: We understand that you're already facing financial burdens, and we want to ease that pressure.
  • We Only Get Paid If We Win Your Case: We are confident in our ability to fight for your rights, and we are only paid a fee if we are successful in recovering compensation.
  • Our Fee Is a Percentage of the Compensation We Recover: Your goals are our goals, and we work tirelessly to get you full compensation so that you can focus on healing and rebuilding your life.

With this contingency fee arrangement, you can rest assured that your legal fight is in good hands.

What to Do After a Queens Construction Accident

It’s easy to lose your bearings when you’re injured. Even so, you should know how to prioritize your safety and protect your legal rights in the accident’s immediate aftermath. Here are some important steps to take after a construction accident in Queens:

  • Seek Medical Attention: Your health and safety are paramount; get immediate medical attention, even if you feel you have only minor injuries.
  • Report the Accident: Inform your supervisor or employer about the accident as soon as possible.
  • Document the Incident: Write down everything you remember in detail, including the date, time, location, and any witnesses.
  • Document the Scene: If possible, take photos or videos of the accident scene, including any hazardous conditions, damaged equipment, or injuries.
  • Preserve Evidence: Do not discard any clothing or equipment involved in the accident; these items can be crucial evidence.
  • Don't Talk to Insurance Companies: Avoid making any statements or signing any documents from insurance companies until you speak with an attorney.
  • Contact an Attorney: It's crucial to have an experienced construction accident lawyer on your side.

An attorney can protect your rights, investigate the accident, negotiate with insurance companies, and build a strong case for compensation.

Queens Construction Accidents: We Handle All Injury Types

Construction accidents in Queens can result in a wide range of injuries, some minor, some life-altering. No matter the severity of your injuries, you deserve to be treated fairly and receive the compensation you need to recover. Our lawyers handle construction accident cases involving all types of injuries:

  • Head Injuries: Head injuries are a common consequence of falls, being struck by objects, or accidents involving heavy equipment; traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can have long-term effects on a person's cognitive abilities, physical functioning, and mental health.
  • Burn Injuries: Burns can occur due to fires, explosions, contact with chemicals, or electric shocks; they can require extensive medical treatment and permanently alter your appearance.
  • Amputations: Severe accidents involving machinery or heavy equipment can lead to amputations, which require extensive medical treatment, rehabilitation, and adjustments to daily life.
  • Eye Injuries: Construction sites involve many potential eye hazards, including flying debris, welding sparks, and exposure to chemicals; eye injuries can range from minor irritations to permanent vision loss.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries: While often considered less severe, soft tissue injuries like sprains, strains, muscle tears, and ligament damage can still be debilitating and require medical treatment.
  • Broken Bones and Fractures: Falling, being struck by objects, or being caught in machinery can lead to broken bones that require medical treatment, physical therapy, and time away from work.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: A spinal cord injury can lead to paralysis, loss of sensation, and chronic pain; they can occur due to falls or accidents involving heavy equipment.
  • Psychological Injuries: Physical injuries can have profound impacts on a person's mental health, leading to anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other psychological conditions.

Our team is dedicated to understanding the unique challenges associated with each type of construction accident injury and fighting for the compensation you need to recover.

Who's to Blame? Determining Liability After a Queens Construction Accident

liability after a construction accident

Construction accidents in Queens can involve complex liability issues, as multiple parties may share responsibility for the accident. It's crucial to understand who should be held liable so that you can receive the full compensation you deserve.

Here are some of the parties who could be held responsible for a Queens construction accident:

  • Property Owners: Owners of construction sites have a legal duty to provide a safe environment for workers by addressing known hazards, complying with building codes and safety regulations, and taking reasonable steps to prevent accidents.
  • General Contractors: General contractors are responsible for overseeing the overall safety of a construction project, coordinating subcontractors, and ensuring that work is performed according to safety standards.
  • Subcontractors: Subcontractors are hired to perform specific tasks on a construction project and are responsible for the safety of their own workers and for ensuring that their work is done in accordance with safety regulations.
  • Architects and Engineers: Architects and engineers who design and oversee construction projects are responsible for ensuring that the design plans are safe and comply with New York City building codes.
  • Equipment Manufacturers: Equipment manufacturers must ensure that the equipment they produce is safe and free of defects.
  • Other Third Parties: Other parties, such as utility companies or government agencies, may be held liable for negligence that contributes to a construction accident.

Identifying all liable parties is crucial to building a strong case. Our construction accident attorneys will thoroughly investigate your accident, gather evidence, and identify any parties who may be responsible for your injuries. Then, we’ll work tirelessly to hold them accountable.

Building a Winning Case: Proving Negligence in Queens Construction Accidents

Winning your Queens construction accident case requires demonstrating that someone else’s negligence caused your injuries. To prove negligence, we must establish the following four elements:

1. Duty of Care

The responsible party must have had a legal obligation called a “duty of care.” For construction accidents, this duty of care applies to parties that were required to take reasonable steps to ensure your safety on the job site, such as property owners, general contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, and equipment manufacturers.

2. Breach of Duty

The responsible party must have failed to meet their duty of care by acting negligently or recklessly. This could involve:

  • Failing to provide adequate safety training
  • Ignoring safety regulations
  • Not providing proper safety equipment
  • Creating hazardous working conditions
  • Failing to maintain equipment properly

To prove this breach of duty, we might identify how an average, reasonable person would have acted in a similar situation. If the responsible party did not meet this standard, they may have breached their duty of care.

3. Causation

We must show that the responsible party's negligence directly caused your injuries. This means proving a clear link between their actions and the accident that injured you.

4. Damages

We must demonstrate the extent of your losses, such as:

  • Medical Expenses: Past and future medical bills, including hospital stays, surgeries, medications, physical therapy, and rehabilitation.
  • Lost Wages: Income lost due to your inability to work, including both past and future lost earning potential.
  • Pain and Suffering: Physical pain, emotional distress, mental anguish, and the impact of your injuries on your quality of life.
  • Loss of Consortium: The loss of companionship, intimacy, and support suffered by your spouse.
  • Future Care Costs: Future medical care, rehabilitation, or other services you might need due to your injuries.

After calculating the losses directly related to your injury, we’ll present them to the opposing insurance company and work toward a settlement that covers the total amount. If the insurance company won’t cooperate, we can then ask a judge or jury to award you the damages you deserve.

What Your Queens Construction Accident Claim Is Worth: Factors that Influence Compensation

Construction Accident Claim

Every construction accident case is unique, and the value of each claim depends on a variety of factors. The following key elements will influence the potential compensation you may receive:

  • Severity of Your Injuries: More severe injuries typically lead to higher medical expenses, longer recovery periods, and a greater impact on your ability to work.
  • Impact on Your Career: Your claim may include compensation for lost future earnings, so higher earners can expect higher compensation.
  • Available Insurance Coverage: In many cases, the type and extent of insurance coverage held by the liable parties will affect the potential settlement value.
  • Strength of Evidence: A strong case with compelling evidence of negligence and thorough documentation of your injuries and losses will often lead to a higher settlement.

How does this work in practice?

A construction accident attorney might collect evidence like accident reports, witness statements, medical records, photographs, videos, and expert testimony. Along with this evidence, they might also ask you for documents such as medical records and pay stubs in order to accurately determine the total expected value of your claim.

Your attorney will then present this information to the opposing party’s insurance company, demonstrating how strong your case is. Due to our diligence, we have a proven track record of securing substantial settlements and verdicts for our clients.

What Happens If You're Found Partially at Fault?

In the aftermath of a construction accident, you might be facing questions about your own responsibility. It's important to know that even if you are partially blamed for the accident, you may still be eligible for compensation.

New York follows a comparative negligence rule, which means that you can recover damages even if you were partially at fault. Your compensation will be reduced in proportion to your percentage of fault. For example, if a court finds that you are 20% responsible for the accident, your award will be reduced by 20%.

However, insurance companies and opposing parties often try to shift blame to minimize their liability. They may try to claim that you were more at fault than you actually were.

Remember, even if you're being blamed for the accident, you still have legal rights and may be eligible for compensation. Don't hesitate to seek legal counsel from our trusted attorneys.

Statute of Limitations: How Long Do You Have to File Your Claim?

After a Queens construction accident, time is of the essence. You must meet legal deadlines to protect your right to pursue compensation. It's crucial to understand these deadlines and take action promptly.

In New York, you generally have three years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

  • Latent Injuries: If your injuries were not immediately apparent but developed later, the three-year period may begin from the date you discovered your injury.
  • Wrongful Death: If your loved one died as a result of a construction accident, the statute of limitations for a wrongful death claim is two years from the date of death.

Three years might seem like a long time, but your attorney will need time to build a strong case. That’s why it’s essential to consult with an attorney as soon as possible after your accident. Failing to file your claim within the statute of limitations could mean losing your right to seek compensation altogether.

Get Your Free Consultation: Don't Wait to Seek Legal Help

If you've been injured in a Queens construction accident, time is of the essence. Don't wait to get legal help. Contact our team today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation. We believe that every construction worker deserves to be protected and compensated fairly after an accident. Our team is here to answer your questions, help you understand your legal options, and fight for the justice you deserve.

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I cannot rate the firm any higher! we are extremely happy with the service we received from Brad, Chris and the team. We are northern Irish citizens and as such had no experience of the US justice system, Chris and Brad helped us navigate this and made sure we understood every step of the process and we were kept informed of what would happen with the case.

We also felt that Brad and Chris had a genuine interest in our story, what the implications for us as a family were and they were genuinely invested in how they could help our situation.

We were reassured by the manor in which Chris and Brad dealt with us and trusted that the advice we were given was always well balanced and in our best interests. We were extremely happy with the outcome the firm achieved for us and feel that we only got this outcome due to the hard work of Chris and Brad. I would not hesitate to recommend the firm to anyone who is considering a case and wants to feel as though they are really valued as a client.

Many thanks to the firm for all of their hard work on our behalf it truly is appreciated.

Leanne Montgomery




Let’s go to the beginning when I realize that I was going to need legal assistance because I was shocked that I was actually injured I called my fiancé and told her that I was going to need a lawyer, so she googled the top 5  personal injury law firms in NY and The Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm came up. One of the representatives from the firm took the time to come personally to my home to see me, that immediately showed me that I was going to be able to make it through my pain and suffering they understood what I was going through and with patience, persistence, and diligence they were able to get the best results possible in settling my case. I highly recommend the Jacob Fuchsberg Law firm when the unexpected happens you will not be dissatisfied with the kind, courteous and professionalism that you would expect from a law firm.

Keith Middleton




Very satisfied with the representation I was given from this law firm.  I would recommend Fuchsberg to anyone with a unique situation such as mine. My attorney went above and beyond to ensure everything was done thoroughly and in a timely manner! Everything about this firm exceeded my expectations! Very special thank you to Chris,  Allison, and Brad!

Marie Price



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