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Medical Malpractice

It can be sad and frustrating to realize that highly trained doctors and hospitals make mistakes that permanently alter the lives of some of their patients — and cost other patients their lives. Faulty, negligent medical care underlies many of the… Read More
Attorneys: Edward Hynes

Birth Injuries

A birth injury or death of an infant profoundly impacts any family. The loss of or harm to a child changes the way people live forever. When medical negligence is found to have caused the harm, the feelings of sadness and anger can be overwhelming.… Read More

Labor & Delivery Injuries

If your family has suffered the loss of an infant or a serious injury to a newborn, it is, of course, one of the most difficult life events that you will ever encounter. Our lawyers are known for their compassion and empathy in these very sensitive m… Read More

Newborns & Medical Problems

Newborns can experience a wide variety of medical problems, many of which happen for reasons we simply don't understand. Other neonatal conditions are known to occur because of medical negligence. If your family is feeling the huge impact of a seri… Read More

Cerebral Palsy and Brain Injuries

Cerebral palsy in children can result from oxygen deprivation to the brain during childbirth. In some situations, this type of brain injury is preventable. In your situation, it may be appropriate to bring a lawsuit against the medical professionals… Read More

Surgical Errors

Undergoing surgery requires a high level of trust. Patients and their families rely on the competence of their surgeons and hospitals, whether it is for a minor procedure or a major operation. When that trust is violated due to medical negligence, an… Read More

Colorectal & Gallbladder Surgeries

Some of the most common types of surgical procedures performed in hospitals today involve the gastrointestinal system and the gallbladder. In some cases, patients are injured because of medical negligence that could have been prevented. Surgeons and… Read More

Cardiac Conditions

According to the American Heart Association, one out of every four deaths in the United States is caused by heart disease. That's 600,000 people a year who succumb to this illness. In some cases, a death or injury due to a cardiac condition may hav… Read More

Stent, Valve & Bypass Surgeries

Great advances continue to be made in the field of cardiology. New technologies and devices have made cardiac surgery far less intrusive and risky than it was even 15 years ago. Bypass patients now enjoy fairly quick recoveries, while valve replaceme… Read More

Anesthesia Errors

When someone undergoes a medical procedure, anesthesia is used to sedate and numb the patient. Unfortunately, sometimes hospitals, anesthesiologists, surgeons or other medical staff make an anesthesia error that causes harm in the process of administ… Read More

Prescription Errors

Today’s medications are more potent and refined than ever, effectively targeting and treating many diseases and conditions.  Unfortunately, when they are not prescribed or administered correctly, they can cause serious harm and fatalities. Pre… Read More


For a patient and his or her family, the misdiagnosis of a serious condition can be a life-changing event. The failure to diagnose a serious medical condition or an incorrect medical diagnosis can constitute medical negligence and form the basis of a… Read More

Failure to Diagnose Cancer

Many cancers are treatable when caught in a timely manner and addressed properly. Correct diagnosis depends on appropriately ruling out the most serious conditions and determining what the symptoms mean; doctors are trained and paid to methodically a… Read More

Brain Injuries & Stroke

The brain is as delicate as it is complex. No one fully understands the “three-pound universe” within our heads, but we do know that a brain injury can cause great harm. From problems with movement, cognitive shifts and personality change… Read More

Paralysis Due to Brain Strokes or Spinal Cord Injury

Our New York Medical Malpractice Attorneys:  Skillful, Compassionate Representation Paralysis can take many different forms. Loss of function can be caused in numerous ways, including damage to the spinal cord or oxygen deprivation to parts of the… Read More

Eye Injuries & Blindness

The human eye is capable of extraordinary feats, but it is a sensitive organ. The loss of use of an eye or both eyes can change the way you live and function. Eye injuries or blindness can affect your career, your family and your finances — and med… Read More


A serious accident can change the course of your life in just a few seconds. The courts acknowledge this fact and award financial compensation to victims of accidents caused by the negligence of others. If you or a loved one was hurt in an accident,… Read More

Auto Accidents

When you are in an auto accident, your most immediate concern is making sure that everyone who is injured receives medical attention. If you suffer injuries, you should also take the necessary steps to make sure that you receive full compensation for… Read More

Workplace Accidents

The Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm’s New York workplace accident attorneys handle cases involving on-the-job injuries, including accidents that occur on construction sites with cranes and scaffolding. We have advocated for clients in cases involving… Read More

Pedestrian Accidents

Every day, pedestrians are hit by motor vehicles in New York. In some of these cases, serious injury or death occurs. Statistics suggest that pedestrians make up about half of all traffic fatalities in New York City. Most pedestrian accidents involv… Read More

Construction Accidents & Labor Law

There are certain risks in working construction, but there are laws in place to protect workers and ensure that employers, contractors and subcontractors maintain safe conditions in the workplace. State and federal law allows injured workers to not o… Read More

Civil Rights

The New York civil rights attorneys of the Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm are known for our absolute commitment to our clients’ rights. We offer an absolutely free, confidential consultation to discuss your case and your rights under federal and New… Read More

Injury in Prison

Recent headlines have captured the frightening and dangerous conditions in our prisons. Many inmates are subjected to improper treatment by staff, have been denied necessary care or medical treatment, and have suffered harm as a result of unsupervise… Read More

Police Misconduct

Thanks to mobile devices and social media, the public can learn about shocking police misconduct soon after it happens. Sadly, it continues to happen all the time in and around New York City. The Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm’s New York civil rights… Read More

Employment Law

Our employment attorneys represent employees and executives who have experienced workplace discrimination, whistleblower retaliation, or unpaid wages due to violations of state and federal labor laws. Read More
Attorneys: Edward Hynes

Nursing Home Neglect

Did you know that New York State has laws that protect nursing home patients? The Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm’s New York nursing home attorneys represent families when a loved one has been harmed due to nursing home neglect or abuse. Many cases i… Read More


The most troubling thing about bedsores (decubitus ulcers) and pressure ulcers is that they are preventable but common. In most cases, they are the product of neglect: care providers neglect to move patients for proper circulation. Regardless of what… Read More

Class Actions & Product Liability

Most of the time, when you as a consumer experience a problem with a product or a service you have purchased, the business that provided it willingly resolves the problem. Sometimes, however, the business refuses to address the problem. There are a w… Read More
Attorneys: Edward Hynes

Dangerous Drugs and Medical Devices

The Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm’s New York class action and product liability attorneys handle cases involving injuries caused by unsafe drugs or defective medical devices. Depending on the circumstances, a product liability case may be brought as… Read More

World Trade Center Victim Fund

The Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm takes great pride in our joint venture with Gregory J. Cannata & Associates providing legal representation to first responders, families and others who suffered injuries and illnesses in Manhattan from toxic dust em… Read More

Success Stories

A wife and mother of three was traveling with her family in a rental car driven by her husband. When the rental car collided with a guardrail, it roll… Read More
We obtained a settlement for a woman injured in an auto accident caused by a vehicle who crossed over double yellow lines. Our client was driving her… Read More

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