World Trade Center Victim Fund Attorneys: Compensation for Those Injured After the 9/11 Tragedy

The Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm takes great pride in our joint venture with Gregory J. Cannata & Associates providing legal representation to first responders, families and others who suffered injuries and illnesses in Manhattan from toxic dust emanating the World Trade Center site. Together, we have recovered over $100 million for our clients.

The WTC Victim Fund — or Zadroga Fund — was established by Congress to help these post-9/11 victims, who have suffered a range of illnesses, from cancer to asthma, COPD, interstitial lung disease, asbestosis, chronic sinusitis, chronic rhinitis, GERD, and sleep apnea. The Fund includes over $7 billion to help those with these illnesses and their families.

If you are among them, you are not alone! Our WTC Victim Fund attorneys help you determine if you are eligible to claim benefits from the fund. We then assist you in filing a claim with all the appropriate supporting documentation to get you the full benefits you deserve. Our legal help is at no cost to you until you are awarded benefits.

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Please contact us or visit the WTC Victim Fund website for more information. Note that your time to file a WTC Victim Fund claim is limited — the sooner you begin the claim process, the better.

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