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Wishing You Happiness and Good Health this Holiday

April 11, 2020

Dear Clients and Friends,

We hope that all of you are staying healthy and doing well during this COVD-19 virus outbreak and lockdown. It has been so hard on so many of us, whether because of loss of income, or actually having to go to work in the pandemic, or catching the virus.

We owe the highest tribute to our fellows working in the hospitals. We pray for everyone. This holiday, we take a deep breath as we give thanks for what we can be thankful for, not the least being the love we receive from our family and friends.

We can reassure you that at The Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm, our team remains busy and engaged in our work. We continue every day to analyze where we stand with every case, discussing them among ourselves, proceeding to the next step such as preparing court documents, gathering records, communicating and exchanging information with our experts and from there, with defense counsel and insurance companies, holding virtual internet conferences in the firm as well as to conduct depositions and with the courts. We have been starting new cases and successfully settling others, and depositions, and even successfully settling others ready for resolution.

We are working remotely. However, Veronica Bermudez, our receptionist, will answer the phone and forward your calls. Voice messages also are electronically forwarded. Please email us too. We receive our mail, and it is circulated, although most of what anyone does these days is through the internet or phone,

We are forever thinking about you and your cases, as well as what this pandemic means to our work going forward. Being creative and conscientious, we are both growing and moving forward. In new ways, we are thinking about our work, which is exciting.

Please do not hesitate to call or email your lawyer or paralegal, who is working on your case. We are happy to bring you up to date and to hear how you are doing. You can find our contact information on the website, and there is always the Chatbox there too.

With best wishes for a Happy Holiday and Easter, from all of us of the Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm:

Alan Fuchsberg and Bradley Zimmerman,
Joined by
Eli Fuchsberg, Esq., Christopher Nyberg, Esq., Joseph Lanni, Esq., Keith Gross, Esq., Aaron Halpern, Esq., Ed Hynes, Esq., Angelina Adam, Esq., Shannon Montgomery, Esq., Walter Osuna, Esq., Neal Bhushan, Esq., Jaehyun, Oh, Esq., Ilana Wolk, Esq., Marisela Espinoza, Anne Marie Singh, Kyle Moore, Rilda Santana, Rhonda Sanchez, Leah Swift, Zainab Bhindarwala, Anya Vazquez, Naomi Smith, Jacqueline Cabrera, Arlene Rivera, Kayla Miranda, Veronica Bermudez, Jimmy Salazar, Mya Vargas, Gabriella McDonald, and Jeremiah Singh.