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FDA Approves Blood Test to Detect Concussions

May 5, 2018

Latest Medical Advances to Aid Patients with Head Trauma

So much has been written lately about football and serious head injuries that we were very pleased to learn that the FDA has just approved the first blood test to detect concussions. The test, called the Banyan Brain Trauma Indicator, was approved for use in adults, and will undoubtedly lead to earlier and more effective diagnoses of brain trauma. In addition, patients who receive a new blood test will not have to undergo CAT scans or other imaging tests, thereby reducing exposure to unnecessary radiation.We have worked on so many cases where concussions were not diagnosed properly that we thought that we would share this important development with you. There have been too many instances where brain trauma has been undiagnosed and a secondary impact causes significant impairment. Although not approved yet for children, we urge all individuals who have experienced a severe head injury to seek out this test, as it may inform your care and treatment.As always, it is better to ask for testing and be sure of your diagnosis. For more information about this test, see FDA authorizes the marketing of first blood test to aid in the evaluation of concussion in adults, February 14, 2018.